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On December 1, 2012, Posted by , In Feedback, By , With 73 Comments

Please consinder giving a donation!

This is the only way we can make this product even better!

Tell us in short, why do you like AG Custom Admin.

I like AG Custom Admin because:

  • Paul

    Thank you for fixing the latest bug. there the menus in the admin dont match up. Great plugin makes the clients feel special when the admin has there corporate colours.

  • PdeP

    AG Custom Admin is the best in its class – by a very long way. Thank you your work and your plugin are much appreciated. All we need is import/export of settings and multisite compatibility for Utopian Nirvana :)

  • Javier Troya

    Excellent 100% recomended

  • Rurirapi

    Thank you for yor work.. Your plugin is very useful for me.. because i had website where clients also see admin panel and standart admin panel looks not friendly for standart users who just visit website…

  • HoofedCracker

    I use the AG Custom Admin Plugin.
    Nice Work : )

    It seems very stable, I had issues with other customization plugins for admin features.

    I chose to use this rather than manually doing it for one simple reason– Its just neat!


  • Rashad

    It is one of THE BEST plugin i have ever came across in wordpress!!! A very hearty thanx to all the developers who have taken the initiative to develop this awesome plugin!!!hoping to see more from u guys!!! And if i was a rich guy then i’d definitely go for some donation to the developers, but unfortunately that is not possible as of right now!!!anyways thanx alot…
    and one more request i’d like to place is that can it be possible for you guys to change the login url i.e., wp-admin to some custom url?it’d be cool if that is possible too!!!anyways thanx alot!!! HELP APPRECIATED…

  • risay

    I just want to say, Thank you so much, you are amazing !!!

  • AutosKenya

    I appreciate.The Magnitude of these Plugin

  • James Knox

    I have used AG Custom on several websites I designed. It is a great tool to make your site feel completely customized and not just another WordPress marketed site. There are so many ways this plugin lets you customize the back end to your WordPress site. When I use it most people think it is amazing and impressive. Though you can create your own code this plug in saves me hours of programming so I can focus on the functionality of the site.

  • http://acouple Paul

    I would love a import – export of the settings to make the setup easier

    • Ashley

      Hi, I believe there is an export/import feature, under the advanced tab of the Plugin Settings.


      • http://acouple Paul

        oh wow
        thank you now I feel like and idot

        • Ashley

          No Worries,
          Glad to Help!!

  • alex

    very nice plugin , if you could add gradient color hook , on your next release.
    idea: dashboard template preset , with img folder
    gradient color
    and widget & plugin name rebrand

    it is totally perfect


  • Deb

    simple, easy and best

  • aseel

    really nice plugin thanks

  • jorge

    Very good work.. the design is not so well but its rocks so mutch..

  • http://private connor

    awesome plugin 5 stars *****

    one recommendation thou, add an option to change the colour of the buttons.

  • Saad Saleem

    Dont believe its free.

  • Isaac Makumba

    an option to to make the AG custom admin menu invisible

  • Md. Anik Mahmud Chowdhury

    this plugin is too good .. thanks for the work :)

  • Adi

    perfect script well done mate

  • Webmaster Sinclair

    Fantastic, easy to use and very appreciated !

  • Webmaster Sinclair

    This thing just gets better, the more it’s tweaked/applied. It just keeps getting better!


    This is a great little tool. My suggestion would be to make it more wordpress standard.

  • Ashok kumar

    Very Nice Working…

  • meta

    exelent. what like i want it..

  • Allen Phillipe

    Great plugin… Very easy to change the settings and versatile to allow changes for the client, keeping it simple, while providing only the necessary functional tools only seen by the client, with happy blogging. The client only sees the time, and not how the clock is made!

  • Michael

    I downloaded this plugin, so that I could try and personalize the backend to make it more attractive / usable for my client.

    The plugin surpassed my expectations. Out of the box, without any meddling with CSS I was able to customize the admin side of things to :

    1. Get rid of menu items that aren’t needed.
    2. To give the admin a fresher feel, less systematic and more focused to how we are using WordPress.
    3. Take the WordPress standard look out of the admin bar, and make it “gel” with the rest of the site.

    Thank you so much for creating this plugin. I love it…

  • Tanvir Shopno

    I am using this Plugin and so amazed with the Features of this PLUGIN. This is very helpful and helped me a lot to make my Website White Labeled. Thank you AGCA!

  • Phil Horsepool

    This has got to be the easiest way ever to stop clients having access to the full WordPress admin area…. love it :-)

  • Monica Moya

    I love it, was easy to use and clean!

    One thing I would like to see and I know some others that want to see this also, could you put in your next update- a way for us and our users to login on in our site, and not use word press altogether! Along with the loss password and new register users! That would great! Please email me if you know a plugin that can do this now! some can only do the login, not the lost password and/or new register!

    Thank you! Monica Moya :-)

  • AJ Noguerra

    I like AG Custom Admin because its very powerful. I have the power to customize the look of the admin page and present the admin panel to my client in a way that they will not be overwhelmed by the unfamiliar buttons and panels inside wordpress dashboard.

  • lanre

    this is a fantastic plugin.


    I really like this plugin, great stuff and really powerful! A few things I’d suggest, but am sure you are working on:

    – When you save something, it should return you to the same page.
    – A WYSIWYG editor for the Dashboard page.

    Other than that, I think this excellent and something you should be very proud of! Kudos brother!

  • Nick

    Excellent job!!! Could you have made it any easier? I think not!!! :) :) :)

  • Owen

    I love AG custom admin because it lets you customize the wordpress admin panel the way you want it. I think the coulorizer is a really good idea and hope to see AG custom admin in the future

  • Whitney

    Awesome plugin. Makes setting up admin panels easy. Thanks.

  • Steven

    Thank you for such powerful plugin

  • Mars

    love the plugin, is there anyway it can just be password protected vs on admin can see some tabs on the side? The reason i say this is because Editors can’t see some of the tabs that i didn’t check and i’m uncertain why.

    It seems that for example if you check “Media” it hides other plugins associated with media, i may be wrong. But i was using nextGen Gallery.


    • Mars

      What i meant was that i was using NextGen gallery plugin and checked some of the submenu items but not the entire tab itself but it didn’t show up on Editor view and i needed it to. Anyways just wanted to put that out there, wonderful plugin.


  • yasin

    i am student recently i saw your plugin and i installed in my localhost (wordpress).
    It works fine, nice plugin. By using this plugin the development become very easy.
    Once again i thank you.

  • René

    This Plugin is really very good. Much better and precice then others I have tested.
    If you want to hide or change WordPress related things or admin menu items, you only have to check the corresponding checkboxes. And you can easily add your own branding style. For me AG Custom Admin has the features of a premium plugin.

  • Phillip W

    Super Cool & Free, but at least donate something since there providing this cool plugin!!

  • Leane V

    Love it! after a long struggle to remove the wp logo this was the only one that worked thanks guys!!

  • AK

    All working fine now. Thanks for this awesome plugin.

  • Haukur

    Exactly what I was looking for… very easy to use!

  • DirectorRylon

    Thanks for everything! I can’t seem to remove the footer or edit the text but other than that, it’s awesome!

  • Jimmy Mcgillicutty

    With a click it allowed me to remove the Footer on Admin pages. This plugin delivered on its promise and it couldn’t have been easier.

  • sammbest

    User friendly with amazing features… my problem solved.
    Thank you!

  • Tamás

    With Your plugin, i made custom admin screen for modify only one table. Thanks!

  • Lewis

    I like it because it has more functions than at least 5 different admin-bar customizing WPMUDev “Premium” Plugins. I wish I could find it sooner. Thanks for the nice work.

  • Eddy D

    very cool and a nice touch for sites with more than one user.

  • agungkazama

    Adorable ,.. fantastic.. this is what I need.. thank you (y)

  • Eduardo

    Great amazing plug-in!

  • sam

    This is the best plugin ever. Saves us a lot of time. “Time is money” and you guys deserve a donation each time I use it (maybe not each time ;-) but will try) Thank you so much. At least I now don’t have to explain to clients what each item in the admin does knowing that they will never use the option. Plus allows me to give a good clean cut look

  • Jarrod McDaniel

    Thank you so much for this plugin it really is brilliant! The interface could be normalized a bit to look more professional but and the responsiveness of the checkboxes is struggling but the way it works when its running is flawless. Honestly clean up the interface & you could probably sell this plugin for hundreds I’m pretty sure the big guys would pay a pretty penny to be able to sell it… I know I would.

    • Jarrod McDaniel

      Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

  • Steve Bradley

    Works simply and exactly what I needed.

  • Raj

    Great Plugin.. No words define the betterment.

  • Gary Gordon.

    I really like your plugin.

    My only suggestion would be to change the color of “green” that you use throughout the plugin. LOL While you may like green, the color scheme of “green” just looks outdated. (I hope you don’t mind the comment about the color.) It’s just that the colors you use (to me .. and it may be just me and my impression) seem to cheapen the quality of what you developed. The plugin is awesome. But the colors, the hover colors, and the “Advertising Banner” with it’s animation and green colors .. just cheapen the feeling I get from the wonderful plugin you created.

    But aside from my comments about color .. you did a great job on this. Thanks for your work.


  • Marcel Delfino

    It does exactly what I wanted… thanks

  • min

    This plugins is the best of the best available
    Sorry guys right now i can make a donation because right now i am just starting my business as website builder but hopefully one day i will make this happen

  • Steve Freedom

    Sweetplug! No donation today but welcome you to grab my free tunes here – I’m having fun, wish you the

  • Lanre Sokeyo

    nice tool to customize wp admin

  • Ariana

    This plugin is a lifesaver! I agree with what others have said about cleaning up the appearance a bit to make it look more professional, and you could easily sell it. I’ve not found another plugin like this. The other suggestions I have are:

    1) In the Admin Menu >> Add New Menu Items section that you enable us to upload an icon and submenus of our own

    2) In the same section, that we be able to drag and drop the order of the new menu items
    3) Add more Login Page styling options

    Great job!

  • McCoolot

    Great plugin here folks! Thank you!

  • Adam Fordham

    I like the plugin the only feature that I was hoping for that I am not seeing is the ability to add custom links to the admin bar.

  • stevegil00

    I really like your plugin.

  • Patty

    Lots of fun to customize! I can see how this would be essential with many users, in determining what is visible to them, but that is not why I installed it. The colorizer keeps everything in our color scheme and that makes everything seem ‘psychologically’ seamless. Initially, I downloaded it thinking it would help organize the column shown in the All Posts page, for instance, but kept it anyway because of the above

  • Gustavo Ribeiro

    I really like your plugin.

    But sometimes, on the admin menu, it disconfigure at all, doing the text of “Dashboard” go to “Posts” and if the other plugins that create addictional pages on the admin menu are affected by this bug, too.
    If you can, add the “Admin login” edit menu, a “Dashboard Widget Creator” with support to SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin, add a “Logo on admin footer” because it will be really good. So, we have so many possibilities to enhance your plugin, and if you need help contact me.

  • Chris F

    Great plugin. I do have a few suggestions however:
    1) Let us use existing shortcodes and/or widgets in the dashboard (mine always come out like regular text)
    2) Let the admin menu links populate in the dashboard area (like a frame)

  • Leonardo Silvestre Mardini

    Really Amazig your Plugin :)
    Great Job :D