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On April 30, 2013, Posted by , In Support Questions, With 4 Comments

your plugin is really nice.
When I active Better WordPress Minify plugin, the login page is blank…
Could you help me please?

Submitted by olivier

  • krystofo

    I also had this MAJOR problem. Cannot log-in–cannot do anything–and cannot fix problem! Finally I had an expert re-install the WordPress. Even then he had trouble, not sure how he did it exactly. Still not sure how to fix this problem of “disappearing log-in page”!

    A link for step-by-step resolution for this problem (if it happens) should be prominently shown at the listing!! Otherwise sorry, I will have to tell people totally to avoid this plug-in!!

  • argonius

    Please check AGCA FAQ page:

    Easiest way to access login page is to disable JavaScript in your browser. AGCA is very sensitive on JavaScript errors, so errors should not be thrown from any other plugin as well.

  • krystofo

    Thank you. I appreciate the helpful reply.

    Just a suggestion, though. This is a potentially wordpress-crippling situation, and when it happens, potentially no way of knowing the solution or which plug-in caused the situation. So potentially, someone would have to read every FAQ of every plug-in so as maybe to find a solution, and not be sure of finding it.

    So I do suggest that you very prominently mention this problem on the Decription page of–including link which assures users that you will keep them abreast of any new aspects to this blank-login problem.

    Just a suggestion.

  • argonius

    You’re right, this page should be updated. Thanks for the suggestion. I very appreciate your feedback.